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The municipality of Valdemarsvik is responsible project partner for Burgsvik, Fyrudden and Uvmarö. Valdemarsvik is involved in several projects for the archipelago - the interreg project Coast4us, the waste management project for islands and a beach cleaning project. Valdemarsvik is situated in a bay with a city harbour, and the coastal area with the archipelago is an important asset.

Project Manager for Valdemarsvik is Emil Selse, 


The harbour of Fyrudden has a great importance for transport and service in the coastal area. It is positioned next to the main waterway in the Gryt archipelago with restaurant, ice-cream bar, grocery store, petrol station and stop for public transportation both for bus and boat next to the guest harbour.

Project actions: Two new jetties, where the total capacity will be 90 boats for visitors. The service building is updated with solar panels for that building and for the electricity on the jetties. Fyrudden will apply for Blue Flag for 2021, when all necessary actions for that are done (partly thanks to Smart Marina).


Next to the main waterway in the S:t Anna archipelago is the Uvmarö harbour. The harbour started 35 years ago, and are offering service facilities for boats, boat lifting as well as winter storage. Magasinet Sankt Anna in the harbour is a restaurant, café and shop with locally produced products and food. Next to the harbour there is a nature reserve with nice trails as well as pastures with cattle.


The guest harbour is expanding with 22 guest boat sites, accessibility paths, wifi, fire- and safety systems. The roof of Magasinet will be covered with solar panels.

Position 58º19'N 016º52'E



Burgvik is on the south of Gotland. Next to the harbour is a nice beach and the village Burgsvik, with shops, restaurants, brewery and accommodation on the famous Grå Gåsen is only 1 km away.


The guest harbour is expanding to 35 boat spots and the service building is renovated. It will apply for Blue Flag in 2021. The harbour is further developed in 2021 outside Smart Marina project.  


Project manager Anders Johnsson. Bsc Urban & Regional Planinng, currently also CEO of “SURFCAT AB”. Entrepreneur "Outdoor life" – Kayaking, Boating, Skiing, IT & Building services. Previously: Development of coastal services nodes and small ports along swedish Bothnian Sea.

If you want to know more about the harbors managed by Östhammar Municipality, please visit

You can reach Anders by mail: 


60°20'27.16"N       18°26'35.28"E

Stockholm Archipelago, which extends to Grisslehamn, is connected to the Jungfrukusten at the Bothnian Sea via Öregrund archipelago in the northern Roslagen. Öregrund harbour is the last major port facility in the Roslagen district, before a further trip northwards towards the Bothnian Sea. Öregrunds hamn is an obvious destination for travel along the east coast.


Öregrund harbour host around 80 guest seats, depth 1-4 m. Fresh water, toilet, shower, laundry, fuel at Grepen Marin. Shops, post office, hotel, restaurants, adjacent swimming area, food and liquour store in the neighborhood.


Project actions:

The Smart Marina project includes upgrading the service building, environmental certification Blue Flag, hot water solar system, wireless network (Wifi), digital card reader system for access to water and electricity at the bridge, increased fire safety, water and sewer system components and a new concrete seawall. The number of guest places in the port will also be increased.


60° 6'10.09"N    18°48'1.41"E


At Grisslehamns Marina all services are situated in one place. Campsite for caravan and mobile homes open all year round.  Also rental cabins are available. The Marina has 90 boat guest spots with electricity and water at the dock, wc, shower & washing machine, suction drainage for septic tanks. The harbour is 1-4 meters deep. At he Marina there is a marine fuel service station

The marinas restaurant offers a fresh menu and stunning views of the bay with the opportunity to enjoy the sunset. For the kids there is a nice playground available.


Convenience store available, LPG service, wireless network, rental of clubs for the adventure golf and small boat rental service.


Grisslehamn Marina also offers access to a boatyard with engine service & maintenance,  and boat storage both indoors and outdoors.


Project Actions: Solar cells to service houses, wireless network wifi for the entire area, expanded capacity through new concrete dock for about 60 boats, improved fire safety on docks, new buoys, new illumination systems, heartstarter and childrens playground refurbishment.


59°17'59.87"N  18°40'39.59"E

Djurönäset Hotell Konferens & Spa have a fantastic location, only 35 minutes  from Stockholm city, right next to the major waterway Kanholmsfjärden. Djurönäset has all the possible amenities for both conference and private guests, from small parties to really large. In the area there are 2 st guest ports, one with 10 guest seats in the west at Sjöboden and the other with 35 guest seats on the east side.

In the area there is also a newly built public park with dance court and stage as well as buildings for activities, food and drinks. Midsummer celebrations, aftersail events, concerts and the annual Archipelago festival are held here.

Project Actions: The Smart Marina project will work with the eastern guest harbor which is opposite the island of Djurhamn. Existing service houses will be supplemented with solar cells for the production of electricity and hot water. Digital system for controlling and accessing electricity and water should be introduced. Security measures in the form of improved fire protection and deployment of web cameras. Water and sewage systems will be reviewed. The guest harbor will also in part get new wooden docks. 


59°23'29.23"N                18°26'15.54"E

Rindö Harbour offers a wonderful living environment, in the middle of a modern and vibrant archipelago environment, with the benefits of both the small and the large city. Rindö has municipal services such as childcare and primary school. There is also private service in the form of restaurant, small general store, cheese making, gym and more. As new homes are being built in Rindö Harbour, the range of service selection will gradually increase.


Rindö had its first permanent settler already about 2000 years ago, when the land uplift after the Ice Age created the island. Recently, very tasty and healthy spring water gave rise to the Rindöbad spa hotel in Källvik, which opened the doors of 1885. A large fire in 1908 was the beginning of the end of that business. Rindö have also been a military strategic location over the years.  Oxdjupet, the waterway to Stockholm, has been defended by Rindö redutt and Oscar Fredriksborg's fortress. Vaxholm Coastal Artillery Regiment, was placed on Rindö in 1902 to further strengthen the defense at Oxdjupet.


Project Actions:

The Smart Marina project will entail some reconstruction of service houses, the introduction of digital technology for access to water and electricity, fire safety upgrade, water and sewer measures including for example a new septic tank.


Responsible partner: Skärgårdsstiftelsen I Stockholms Län. 


Fejan is located in the seabed, strategically close to the big fairway to Åland. It is a popular first or last port on route to or from Sweden.

In addition to the guest harbor there are hostels, dining and not least an exciting story. In conjunction with a cholera epidemic in Europe in the late 1800s, the Swedish authorities confiscated a whole mission station, mounted and ready to be sent to Congo. It was set up at Fejan as a quarantine station. The houses still remain and contribute to a sense of past time.

However, the service is not in the 19th century. Guests huts have access to a sauna, shower, toilets and toatema station. With the help of the Smart Marina project, we will create even more boats and equip them with electric terminals and mooring lines. The service house will be equipped with washing machines.

Welcome to Fejan: 59 ° 44'36.6 "N 19 ° 9'54.2" E

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