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Novia Applied University is situated along the Finnish coast with campuses in Jakobstad, Vaasa, Turku and Raseborg. We offer education in Swedish and English and have some 4000 students studying with us. At Novia there is extensive Research and Development activities in these five focal areas: Cultural entrepreneurship, Sustainable Energy technique, Health and Wellbeing, Maritime Simulation and Bioeconomy. 


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Baggö Marina is a safe and green harbour in the archipelago of Ekenäs in southern Finland — only two nautical miles from the Helsinki-Hanko fairway and 1,5h from Helsinki by car. We are developing a full-scale centre with guest harbour, B&B, bistro, sauna and shop. Our belief is to operate in an environmentally friendly way in order to preserve a healthy sea and nature. Happiness lies with the little things in life — like watching the still sea, or enjoying a good toast on the dock. It's a lifestyle.

Visit us 59º53'N 023º30'E

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Brännskär is an old fisherman farm which we have developed into a small natural guest marina where both children and adults can enjoy their stay. We on Brännskär want to create an atmosphere that makes the visitors feel the peace and quiet and forget about stress.


On our island you can take part of the beautiful and traditional archipelago environment. When you arrive to the island, find your way to our Café for some freshly baked bread and smoked fish. Enjoy one of our traditional saunas or try some of our other exiting activities.


The archipelago not only offers opportunities, but it is in itself an opportunity that we must use and take care of. It is the only one of its kind.


Farmors Café is a picturesque summer café on the island of Högsåra. The old red cottage, surrounded by a lovely garden, is an idyllic summer delight where visitors can enjoy freshly baked cakes and tasty summer dishes. Since 1994 Farmors Café has wished to share unforgettable summer experiences with our guest.


Kirjais Marina is a small harbor located in a charming village at the edge of the outer archipelago.  The village offers a well equipped grocery store, a gas station and a restaurant.


Lillbacka Marina is situated on the beautiful island of Högsåra in the Finnish archipelago. It is situated in the village harbour on the east side of Högsåra. 

For generations the island was mostly known for its pilots and the pilotstation. Today our island is a place for people to visit and to enjoy nature and relax from the hectic everyday life. 


Today one of the major income sources on the island is tourism. This is one of the reasons why Lillbacka Marina wants to keep up with the modern demands and continuously try to develop. 


Today we are able to take in around 40 boats per night. We have buoys and anchor places. In the marina there is a wood heated sauna. From the sauna you can jump straight in to the sea for a refreshing swim. 

A place where you can do your barbeque is placed in a beautiful surrounding with benches and tables.


Rumpan Bar, a unique bar right on the jetty. You can actually come with your boat straight to the bar. Live music and charming surroundings makes a perfect combination for the perfect place to sit and sip your drink as the sun sets. 



Idyllically situated by the Archipelago National Park the Archipelago Centre Korpoström Guest Harbour offers c. 70 boat spaces and a service house with saunas, showers, WC, laundry facilities and a fuelling station. Visit our exhibits with different archipelago themes and enjoy great food and expire the unique and relaxed atmosphere directly by the seaside with an open view over the


Stenskär is an old archipelago homestead that has remained in the family since the 1600s. The harbor in the bay is protected from wind and offers seafarers a beautiful archipelago environment. You may also rent a cozy cottage on a small island of its own


Adjoining the restaurant there is a fully functional pier harbour, where you'll also find a well-stocked village shop Barösunds Boden, the sale of fuels and gases and the summer cafe Magasinet, which also serves as a relaxing point and the port'n'pier facility office. In the port of Barösund's southern shore corner, there are about 50 large pier places for visiting boats and the dock is equipped with sweet water points, septic tank drain service, electric outlets, shower, laundry and toilets

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